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Location > Life One Origin (Liver Tonic)
Goats Milk Tablets    Liver Tonic    Odourless Garlic Extract
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Product Name: Liver Tonic
Item Number: OK110401


Liver Tonic 7000mg 100 capsules

Each tablet contains SILYBUM MARIANUM standardized extract equivalent to dry fruit 7000mg. Equivalent to silybin 84mg.

Recommended dosage:
Adults take one tablet three times a day before meals.
Children between 7 to 12 years, take one tablet a day before meals. Or as directed by a physician.

This product contains the herbal ingredient silybum marianum ( milk thistle) which was traditionally used for its tonic effect on the liver. May help maintain healthy digestive function and relief of indigestion. Active component silybin acts as an antioxidant.

Warning: if the symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

Manufactory: Australia Antarctic Ocean Bio-technology Pty Ltd