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Location > JoJo (Colostrum Tablet)
Colostrum Tablet    Colostrum Tablet    Colostrum Tablet
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Product Name: Colostrum Tablet
Item Number: OK110404
Price: $260.00


JOJO Colostrum (InG) Tablet 200 chewable tablets
Each chewable tablets contains pure colostrum and other ingredients 800mg

Typical nutrition profile (per tablet):

Energy:                              7.58Kj
Protein:                              222.73mg
IgG (immunoglobulin):         25.05mg
Fat:                                    4.66mg
Lactose:                             51.77mg
Carbohydrate:                     217.6mg
Vitamin A:                          0.608mcg
Vitamin B3:                        0.052mcg
Vitamin B:                          0.012mcg
Vitamin C:                          2mcg
Vitamin D:                         0.002mcg
Calcium:                            2.17mg
Phosphorus:                       2mg

Natural bovine colostrums contains extremely high concentrates of immunoglobulin or antibodies (IgG, IgA, IgD, IgE and IgM). These are protein molecules that target and destroy invaders. It is considered as nature抯 most perfect disease fighter.

Serving Suggestions: adult and growing children chew 2-4 tablets daily or as prescribed.

Manufactory: JO JO International Pty Ltd