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Location > Advanced (Overnight Repair Cream)
Long Lasting Hydrating Fluid    Overnight Repair Cream    Hand & Body Lotion
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Product Name: Overnight Repair Cream
Item Number: ADV77703


With years of solid experience in the cosmetics industry, NATURAL GREEN Pty Ltd has pleasure in presenting the ADVANCED luxurious cosmetics series, based on the successful research and development of a popular series of cosmetic products, to fulfill the need s of high class consumers.

The ADVANCED series is developed and manufactured using high-tech scientific formula according to the composition and features of skin, using advanced production technology and following superior manufacturing processes as per GMP抯 stringent regulations.

The raw materials include pure Australian lanolin, placenta and squalene, combined with the natural plants, such as aloes, chrysanthemum, coconut milk, seaweeds, protein etc. They contain abundant minerals and ample Vitamin E, B & C, and thus become well-functioned nutritious ingredients for skin cells, which can be effectively and efficiently absorbed by skin to reinforce the web-like tissues and supply the necessary nutrients for skin cells. They have particularly apparent effects on prevention of skin wrinkling and flaccidness and recovery of skin抯 smoothness and elasticity. The ADVANCED series displays fine workmanship and superior quality, which will enhance the skin抯 youthfulness, brightness and bueaty.


(Placenta, Collagen, Squalene and Camomile Extract)

Enriching treatment cream with good absorption and all day skin protection. Include Collagen, Squalene and Vitamin A & E to aid in protecting the skin from environmental pollutants.

Direction: Apply all over face and neck everyday and night after cleansing and toning.