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Location > Life One Origin (Soy protein Powder)
Sheep Placenta 5000    Soy protein Powder    Calcium & Vitamin D
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Product Name: Soy protein Powder
Item Number: OK110501


Life One Origin Soy Protein powder Vanilla 200g

Ingredients: Soy protein, Maltodextrin, vanilla flavour and glucose.

Serving suggestion: 1 scoop of soy protein powder in 200ml of liquid.

Nutrition Information:

Serving size:             20g
Serving per bottle:     10

                               Per serving(20g)           per100g
Energy                     320Kj                          1600Kj
                               78.8Cal                        394Cal
Protein                     9g                               45g
Fat                          400mg                          2g
Carbohydrate            9.72g                           48.6g
Sodium                    140mg                          700mg

Manufactory: Australia Antarctic Ocean Bio-technology Pty Ltd