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Terms and Conditions of Services


1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

JOYLIFE Health Care(the "JOYLIFE") owns the right to run business and services at this website providing that its services are strictly conformed to published regulations, government rules and laws. Upon reading this Terms and Conditions of Services, users of JOYLIFE's services (the "USER") agrees to accept all the stated terms and conditions as stated below.

2. Membership and Obligations (i8 Passport)

This is the business platform of JOYLIFE as required by its business need, partners, customers and members are required to register as a i8 Passport Holder. Once upon registered and login to this platform or any related other i8 business platforms, USER agrees to fulfill his obligation by:

  • Providing true information at any circumstances
  • Keeping JOYLIFE noticed the USER's most up-to-date information
  • Obeying local and related laws and regulations regarding JOYLIFE's regular business processes
  • Protecting and NOT to abuse any logos of JOYLIFE
  • Protect and repects privacy and rights of others USERs

The membership is divided into three types:

  • VIP Members, particularly, all JOYLIFE's staff
  • Partners, particularly the members of Hong Kong & Shanghai Technology Corporation Organization, HSTCO
  • Clients, clients of JOYLIFE & JOYLIFE's partners

3. Privacy and Personal Information

JOYLIFE agrees NOT to release member's information to any third party which should be deemed as private information without members's premission including the USER's name, address, email and nickname any circumstances except:

  • When asked by national security parties or
  • As required by laws and legal regulations

The USER should be responsible for the security of his/her own account, it is the responsibility of the USER not to release his account name (i8 Passport), password, email and other information to any third party. The security of online transaction of this website is reponsible by Banks and Payment gateways and JOYLIFE has no responsibilities for the security of this website's online payment services. USER should takes his/her own risk by using such payment services as well as other provided services of this website. The USER also has the responsibility to REPORT to us about any security bugs of this website.

JOYLIFE has NO responsibility as regarded to the complete and successful information publishing. JOYLIFE has the right to disable those published contents by USER from displaying without any notice.

JOYLIFE's services are provided as contents such as text, software, sounds and music, images, movies, advertisements, email contents and other provided information. All these contents are protected by both national laws and international regulations on privacy and trademark protections. Only authorized parties could he/she be elligible to make copies of this contents. "Authorized" means the permission of the original owner of the content.

4. Termination of Membership and Services

JOYLIFE reserves the rights to terminate the member's right to use its services without previous notification, particularly under the situation that JOYLIFE discovers that the information provided by the member is found to bu incorrect or untrue, or the USER has not been able to fulfill the obligations as stated in point 2. After termination, JOYLIFE has no reponsibility to provide any kinds of services to the USER.

5. Modifications of Services, and changes of Terms and Conditions of Services

JOYLIFE reserves the rights to change its content of services and related terms and conditions at any time without previous notices, USER has the right to terminate his/her membership in case he/she DENIES those contents and terms and conditions. USER's continuing use of services will be deemed as an act of ACCEPTING the contents and terms and conditions of the services. JOYLIFE also reserves the right to terminate the USER's membership without any notice and bear NO responsibilities of any terms to any parties.

6. Legal responsibilities

USER has both legal and financial responsibilities to JOYLIFE and its members as long as his/her commited behaviors causes damages to the interests of JOYLIFE and its members.

All above terms and conditions should bear no conflicts with local, national laws, USER and JOYLIFE agree to obey those local and national laws once conflicts happened.